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Wednesday, June 14

Yukimi Daifuku

I've just made a discovery. A happy one.
While poking around some bento pages... I saw an item I didnt recognize... "daifuku".
So I did a search, which took me to wikipedia.. read the description... cool enough. But wait.. whats that? Another version filled with ice cream? CLICK!

If you recall, we enjoyed these little tasties at Rangetsu's

EXCELLENT so ice cream mochi has a real name!
Oh how I wish this was in English.... but now that I know what the packaging looks like... I'll know what to watch out for in the Asian market... I am positive Dong-A Asian Superstore in Orlando has them!


Blogger wheresmymind said...

We go to a large Asian market near us and always marvel at the yummy treats they have (in super joy joy colorful boxes)...maybe it's better I can't read what is in them :)

12:13 PM  

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