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Tuesday, June 13

Simmered Mackerel in Miso

I went to the fish market on Saturday, and they had some beautiful mackerel. I'd never cooked with it before, and figured it would be a good learning experience. Was it ever. It was whole for one thing, only just gutted.. the fishmonger was perfectly willing to give it to me as is, guts and all, if I hadnt asked! So I made a complete mess of it trying to cut it into pieces, avoiding any bones being left in the meat. But in the end, it turned out just fine, no bones at all... even though what seemed to be a lot of fish turned out to be a little fish. ;-)

This was really nice and flavorful, the sauce it wields is also delish over rice.


1 mackerel cut into pieces
1 clove ginger
2 tbsp miso

1/2 cup dashi
2 tbsp sake
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp mirin
1 tbsp soy sauce


Bring dashi to a boil over high heat, add salt and ginger. Place fish with skin side up, cover loosely with a lid and simmer over medium heat for 2-3 minutes.

Add mirin and soy sauce, cover and continue cooking 2-3 mins.

In a bowl mix miso with some of the stock to disolve, and pour into the pan with the fish, cook over medium heat for a further 2-3 minutes or until the liquid is reduced. Shake pan while cooking to prevent scorching.

We had this with white rice and some veg (carrot, daikon, lotus, scallion) simmered in a soy sauce concoction.


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