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Thursday, May 11

More cheeese Grommit!

I've officially begun my adventures in cheese. Cheeses outside of my regular choices... usually blues like Stilton, or soft Frenchies like Camembert or Brie...

Todays adventure cheese of choice is Wensleydale!!
Now, I've had Wensleydale before... cheap versions I'm sure.. produced here in the US, overloaded with cranberries so you cant taste it anyways.. and after tasting it, there is a MASSIVE difference. The cheese I scored today is actual Ewes milk Wensleydale! I've spied this little round at our local meat market (which also sells a variety of specialty cheeses) before.. but at $10 a pop... I hadnt sprung for it yet. Today was payday.. so I figured what the heck.

So I plopped the round down on the counter and cut through the thick white wax rind, exposing the cream colored, firm white cheese inside... sniffing it.. a little sweet... tiny crumbles sticking to the knife. The texture is almost grainy at first... and then it softens up in the mouth with a nice mild flavor.... should be excellent with crackers, the way Wallace likes 'em.... or melted on something... mmmm... ideas ideas... they say that sweet smell my sniffer sniffed was a hint of honey flavor.... maybe like wine... my pallette isnt developed enough to taste it, but I can certainly smell it.

After a bit of research I learned that this cheese was introduced by French monks in the 13th century, was originally blue veined (as all great cheeses are.. right?).. and was made from ewes milk. Eventually switching to cows milk, and later loosing the blue vein to become just white... so sad!

So I think this was a successful day in my cheese adventure!


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