A Brit, a Yank and a Kitchen

Tuesday, May 2

Black & Tan

I couldnt help but giggle a little when I ran across this story on Ben & Jerry's new flavor ice Cream, Black & Tan. But it makes one wonder.... what do they call a Black & Tan in Ireland? Does an Irishman get offended when someone haplessly wanders into their pubs and orders a Black & Tan? I think this is kind of important to know! It was this sort of PCness that put an end to my all time favorite Ben & Jerry flavor "British Invasion"! They didnt even release it under a new name once they yanked it off the shelves... and if they did, I never learned of its new guise!

Dave and I scored ourselves a pint of this evil militia ice cream concoction just the other night actually.... unfortunately, we were a bit disapointed in its lack of any resemblance to stout whatsoever.... oh well... there is always beerimisu...


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