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Thursday, May 4

I love cheese & I love peas

So imagine my excitement when I spied this recipe over at Seven Spoons the other day! Yesterday after work I decided, since Dave's mum has returned to the UK, to take an evening to myself to play in the kitchen. I would be alone, since Dave had his first night in the 8-ball league, which meant I could reek complete havoc in the kitchen.... and did I ever! So I whipped up some Pea and ricotta crostini... which tasted devine... although it didnt end up quite as firm as hers.. mayhaps I cooked my peas too long, or added too much olive oil.... I will try again next time =) Instead of parmesan, I used a couple of shards of Asiago. The photos a bit crap I know, but that's why I have a new one on my wishlist. ;-)


Blogger tara said...

Hello! Sorry for the lateness of my comment - I just wanted to say that the extue of the purée could have been the peas, olive oil or the dryness of the ricotta. I hope you still enjoyed the dish!

3:54 PM  

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