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Wednesday, May 3

No foie gras for you!

Sucks to be you if you're a foodie in Chicago!

Apparently, in some lame act of political posturing in the name of "animal rights", a ban of foie gras in Chicago, selling and serving, has gone through. Chicago is awefully far away, but whats done in one place is often done in another... and another.... a bit disturbing that the goverment now tells you what to eat... because its "inhumane"....

What about veal? Oh wait... "beef... its whats for dinner".... and the masses of chickens, stacked in cages, beaks lopped off to prevent them from pecking eachother to death from lack of space? Oh no, gotta keep that price down on your 99cent semi-chicken McWhopper....

"Ald. Joe Moore (49th), sponsor of the first-in-the-nation ban, said it sends "a powerful message that we uphold the value of a civilized society." ...

Right.... civilized.... a civilized society where a double beef patty on a toasted bun is the idea of haute cuisine!

I mean I don't eat foie gras often... twice in my life actually... but I do know I love it... and its a special treat... something the majority of the world recognizes as one of earths most wonderful gastronomical pleasures..... and if I ever get a little craving for it... I'd like to know I can get it... without having to leave the country...

In this country on a daily basis Americans eat animals who are raised in far worse conditions than those of the foie gras producing geese and ducks...



Blogger Grey said...

It's a smoke screen. It's French so it's an easy target so American's won't think about caged chickens, penned & tied pigs & cows, and calves taken away from their mothers less than an hour after birth and fed nothing but milk & drugs and butchered at four months old...after not being able to move their entire lives.

but im not a fanatic!

8:43 PM  

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