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Monday, May 15

In Memory of?

You know how when someone dies, it suddenly becomes in vogue to talk about them? Reminisce about their wonderful accomplishments... perhaps commemorate them.. give them awards....

I've just noticed that New Orleans has become the newest dead celebrity... like people are expecting that it will never return to what it once was... and therefor celebrate "what it was".. even if they didnt particularly care for it in the first place...

I'm not sure how many times I've heard in the last several months.. "I went to New Orleans before Katrina.." like its some kind of state of the place that will never be again.

Morbid, people... get off the band wagon.. really...


Blogger Susan in Italy said...

He he... the same thing happened to Bob Dylan a few years ago when he was hospitalized. All of a sudden really reverent newspaper and magazine articles started popping up about how anazing he is/was and how the '60s were finally over. Then he disappointed every one of them by getting better.

4:36 PM  

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