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Sunday, May 14

Cheap Wine

Dave and I like to have a glass of wine with our dinner... or beer... depending on what we're having.. ;-) Obviously we can't go dropping $15+ every couple days for a new bottle so it became necessary to find a decent table wine. And did we ever luck out! Publix has been carrying this French wine, in both red and white for $3.99 a bottle. And maybe we are just that ghetto, but we enjoy it more than some bottles we've spent 3-4 times as much on!

So, if you ever wonder what it is we're most likely sipping on on a nightly basis, there you have it! -I even used this white for my mussels below!


Blogger greeny said...

Good to know and will look for this at our big grocery store liquor dept. I love wine anytime adn run into the same problem affording enough to keep me happy.

2:04 PM  

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