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Monday, June 5

Curry Squash Soup

Every year around Thanksgiving I make a soup similar to this one, but with pumpkin instead, sometimes I'll get extravagant and serve it in little hollowed out pumpkins, but if youre not careful that can get messy =
Dave made a delish stuffed squash for dinner one night last night... Dave is an excellent cook... that is... if he can get me to let in him into the kitchen. ;-) So we had half of a leftover squash. What to do with leftovers like that? Well.. make soup I say!


1 half large squash, pre-roasted and cut into cubes (we used banana squash, butternut would work as well)
1 large sliced onion
1/4 stick butter
gobs of curry powder... 2-3 tbsp maybe? I always eyeball it..
1 tsp garam masala
1 tbsp cumin
2 cups chicken or vegie stock


Saute onion in butter until it begins to wilt and is a bit transluscent, add curry spices and saute until blended, but do not burn. Add stock and squash and simmer for approx 15 mins.

Add soup to a food processor or blender until smooth.
Beware that the curry will probably stain anything white in your processor.... our once white blade piece is now yellow =)

We had this with a simple shrimp scampi and some olive bread. Mmmmm.


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