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Saturday, October 16

Farm Fresh Breakfast

This mornings breakfast! I scored big time at the farmers market! Found a local farmer who has pasture raised cattle and sells all sorts of grass fed beef -Deep Roots Meats. I also found someone selling raw dairy and fresh eggs. So for breakfast was bread I baked this morning with raw butter smeared all over, farm fresh eggs, and beef bacon! Who'da thunk! Beef bacon! Nice alternative for folks who can't eat pork! And it was gooood.

Beef bacon comes from the belly, or "navel", of the cow, just like pork bacon does. :) It was salt cured... really awesome.. at first you get the salt and fat and it seems like bacon, then you're suddenly hit with this intense beef flavor. Its like steak & eggs meets bacon & eggs! Epic breakfast for sure.


Blogger Lauren said...

Yum! It is wonderful when you can consume the freshest breakfast available to you. I especially loveGrass Fed Beef myself. It is meat that I can feel good about eating as I know I am putting the healthiest meat possible into my body. As I am sure you are aware, grass fed beef in lower in fat and calories and high in heart healthy omega 3 acids. It wasn't until I began working with La Cense Beef that I became fully aware of the health benefits of grass fed beef. I also love how it tastes and would never switch back.

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