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Tuesday, May 26

Pie Tuesdays!

So I've had this cookbook for a while now, Pie by Angela Boggiano. Being the pie fiend Dave is, not to mention he has converted me by proxy... we were ecstatic to stumble on this book in a Barnes & Noble about 2 years ago. Since I have randomly cooked a handful of the pies in it... like the pork pie ... they've all been excellent... and therefor, after thumbing through the cookbook last week, I've decided everyone should enjoy at least one pie a week and have declare Tuesday PIE DAY!

The book is laid out very conveniently, it seems they start with simplicity working their way through to more difficult pies, then a modest sweet pie section,and as an American, its not really needed, there is no shortage of sweet pie cookbooks here... but I might go ahead and do them as well.

So I am starting today with the first recipe in the cookbook, Lamb Shank Pie. The house already smells kick ass.... I will post it all tomorrow! :)


Blogger AmyB said...

I am not a fan of dessert pies. But I actually LOVE dinner pies. I look forward to reading about the pies you make now! Maybe I will try some of them out.

3:59 PM  

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