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Tuesday, May 12

Durian Smoothies for Fresh Breath.... or not....

A durian in smoothie form I think is a good initiation for someone who wants to try Durian... but is a little scared to go whole hog. However, unless you can find durian already shelled... it is inevitable to have to suffer the onslaught of the worst of the durian... its funk.

Personally I don't think the flavor is anywhere near as offensive as its smell... and reminds me very much of mango... with a hint of sulfur... or roast garlic..... heh. So I think the mango really brings out the best of the flavor of the durian, while still leaving a hint of what makes the durian so legendary... without being too frightening.

Durian Smoothie:

2 cups durian
2 cups mango
1/5 banana
1 cup coconut water
crushed ice as you prefer

Throw the fruit and coconut water into the blender first and blend til smooth. Add ice until the smoothie is at your preferred thickness.

Enjoy and dont kiss anyone! XD


Blogger msiagal1usa said...

I am glad to see a post on Durians. It is one of my favorite fruit.

6:15 PM  

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