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Sunday, June 17

Skewers Restaurant, Indialantic Florida

Starter: Baba Ghanouj, falafel, tabouleh, humus

For fathers day we decided to try something new. Out of necessity if nothing else, since my dad is vegan, in Brevard that leaves very few options! So we opted for Greek/Mediterranean.

So let me tell you about Skewers! At least our experience of it on one random night.

The food... the food was fantastic. I mean just look at those pictures! They did taste every bit as good as they looked. And me not being a very big fan of Greek food to start with, its really saying something! The falafel was fresh and crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Smooth flavorful baba ghanouj, and thick creamy humus. All of it tasted very fresh.

I am a HUGE lover of baklava, and the one we had there was probably the best I've ever had. Not too syrupy... and that wonderful crispy multilayered action you get with phyllo pastry. Yum.

Also, the Turkish coffee was fantastic. I'd only had it once before and then it was so thick and bitter I couldnt finish it. But at Skewers, it was perfectly sweetened, not bitter at all.. and seemed to be flavored with Anise.

But if only I could finish my review of the place based on food alone.
Although we had reservations at 8pm... the hostess left us standing at the podium for 10 minutes while she went and "cleaned the table" (there were clean tables everywhere in the restaurant). While we stood waiting, wondering if we had been forgotten, a man came in from the garden just outside and asked a passing waitress why they hadnt been seated yet, he was told they were "cleaning his table" 25 minutes ago!

After finally being seated, it took another good 10 minutes before our water was even brought.. and another several before a drink order was taken. Mind you, I do not mind a long drawn out meal... but I'd better have a drink to occupy myself! That being said, service went on slowly like this for the rest of the night, but I didnt mind so much then as I had my drink! ;)

I'm also not sure if our waitress was new... but when she brough out our salads she held them down and said "Who ordered what? I dont know which of these is which."... of course, we'd never been there so we didnt know either! Also, when we asked about dessert, she said they only had baklava and key lime pie... even though their website says they have Bananas Foster Flambé,Grand Marnier strawberries, baklava and Cheesecake of the Day!

The crowning moment however was when Dave (a Brit who is not familiar with Florida bugs - aka small animals) asked, "Lea, what kind of bug is that?". Horrified, I looked over his shoulder to see the BIGGEST palmeto bug I have ever seen. I have lived in Florida most of my life, so that is really saying something. For those of you who dont know.. they are giant roaches (the largest in fact) that FLY!!! While I stood huddled in the corner waiting for someone to get rid of it, my dad joked that he thought he saw a sadle for it somewhere. The waitress even fled in fear of it, and seconds later the whole kitchen staff came running out in aprons and plastic gloves. One of the cooks cupped it under a glass and took the thing away. My dad said casually, "I hope that cook changes his gloves before he goes back to cooking."

It is a good thing I dont get squeemish with food... although I still enjoyed the baklava and coffee that followed, they were both comped on the bill.

So in the end, it was a fantastic meal... not so good service.. and if you dont mind dining with small animals... you're all set.


Blogger mooncrazy said...

Nice to see you back posting. Bugs! I don't go into a decline when I see a bug, all restaurants have them sometimes but I've seen the Palmeto bug and they give me the willys.

7:24 PM  
Blogger Susan in Italy said...

As I read this post, I'm having a lunch of hummous and crudités. No bugs as far as the eye can see. (But who knows, right?)

7:59 AM  
Blogger wheresmymind said...

Ya'll need a flash!

11:12 AM  
Blogger maltese parakeet said...

omg palmetto bugs! i has my first experience with one when i had just moved to new orleans. i thought it was a roach in my kitchen and, as was leaning over to get it with a paper towel, it flew up in my face. when i regained consciousness a few minutes later, i was laying on the floor and, thankfully, the bug was gone by then. i believe i called my mom in tears muttering something about flying roaches.

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a little fyi...Skewers is actually a Middle Eastern Restaurant, not Greek. It was called the Lebanese Gourmet for years under the same owners and we used to lunch there after a day at the beach when it had a little sandwich shop on the side about 20 years ago or more! Food has always been good, service has always been lousy and Eddie, the owner, can be very rude so it's not surprising they have a hard time keeping good help. I stopped going there about 7 years ago after a particularly nasty encounter with him. Glad you got to have a nice time and good meal with your dad either way!

3:37 AM  
Blogger Lea said...

Well.. the food we ordered was Greek.. their website describes themselves as "Mediterranean"... I honestly didnt notice much on the menu other than Greek specialties and a few "fusion" items.. so... I call it Greek ;-P

8:12 AM  

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