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Wednesday, March 14

The Alamo Mexican Kitchen

The whole experience was so bad that I'm not even sure where to start.

I dont think the fall of this restaurant is its lack of being "authentic"... but that the quality is just BAD.

The tortilla chips were not the golden, crisp warm chips you would expect from an authentic restaurant.. they were so pale and palid I wondered if they hadnt come straight from a bag.

The salsa, though it was fresh.. was so runny there wasnt enough substance to make it stick to the chip.. I was tempted to ask for a straw.. but didnt because I was at this point in fear of our waitress, and I'll tell you why-

A table of eldery people were sat near us... and were for the most part ignored except that they were given drinks. After sitting for some while they asked for their waitress, as they had been sitting there for some time (and it was no exageration, their drinks were already half empty). From the other side of the restaurant comes charging out their waitress, who yells half way across the place, "You dont have to start a commotion!! We are on a rotation here, and you arent the only people in the restaurant!" No way to treat a customer if you ask me... especially one who really wasnt that angry to begin with. If it had been me I would have walked out at that moment. But being that they were elderly with a handicapped person... leaving was obviously not a simple solution. So they opted for asking for a different waitress...

Drama over I decided to focus on our own meals that were just arriving.

Sorry so dark, I was trying to be incognito! ;)

The side items seemed pre-plated, so that the entrees could be plopped down in the center. The refried beans were covered in a thick dry crust... the cheese on the rice well melted and rehardened to cause an unpleasant clump. Daves "Albertos Special", which was supposed to be a beef and potatoes dish... had no potatoes to speak of. The diced tomatoes used as a garnish on my tamales had obviously been sitting out for quite some time and were so dry they literally disolved on your tongue. Not pleasant.

The fried ice cream, not fried at all, but rolled in a corn flake honey concoction... a cop-out I've seen plenty of times at cheap Mexican joints.

We will not be returning. Its fascinating that this place has been in business as long as it has (40 years!)... maybe it was good once upon a time.. but its sad that they are riding on old reputation alone.

5885 S Us Highway 1, Rockledge, FL 32955
Tel: (321) 632-2549


Blogger Susan in Italy said...

Whoo! These places need to be outed. There's no excuse for yelling at customers, even though they're apparently going through a crisis.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Garrett said...

I totally feel for ya when it comes to going to a bad place

5:08 PM  
Blogger wheresmymind said...

Isn't half of Florida over 60??

11:12 AM  
Blogger ros said...

Now that is shocking. How on earth do places like this stay in business?

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comments in your blog sadden me, because I have been to The Alamo about half a million times and I have to say I think it is, by far, one of "The" best Mexican restaurants I have ever been to in my life!! And I have been to MANY in my almost 40 years of existance!!!
That place is an icon in Brevard County, other restaurants wish to have such a following of customers as does The Alamo! There aren't too many restaurants that you can go to and actually make friends with the other customers and even the employees....or you can see your neighbor, childhood friend, child's teacher or even your old school teacher...and that is just what you get at The Alamo. I personally have been going there since I was in utero!! I have done the same for my children, and they too love the place. We have many fond memories of The Alamo and will continue to make many, many more, I'm sure The Alamo will be there for my grandchildren to enjoy too.
Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge, seeing as how the "Drama" wasn't even directed towards you, and chaulk it up to somebody might have been having a bad day.....everybody is entitled to that and mistakes do happen, but that doesn't mean that you have to "damn" the place, even if what happened was WRONG and should have been handled in a more pleasant manner or shouldn't have even happened at all!!
I have been to many restaurants and I have been treated very rudely and I sure as hell didn't set out to destroy their name or reputation!! Even though I might have wanted to!!! I do believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt and even another ought to try it sometime???
Well I hope you post my comment, seeing as how it has to go through your approval before being posted, because people need to know that whatever your experience was, I'm sure its not the "Norm" and I would hate for people to miss out on a delicious Mexican food experience!
In my experience, I have always been treated like family there, because that's how I feel when I go to The Alamo......Like family!! Besides, they must have done something right, they have been open for over 40 years and the food just keeps getting better and better, this is just my opinion and I do hope you give other people the chance to read my opinion, just as they got to read your opinion??
I just hope you give the place another try, you might be pleasantly surprised!?!?

5:11 PM  
Blogger Lea said...

Because the above comment was so heartfelt... we're gonna give it another try.... and hopefully this time we wont miss what it seems everyone in that full parking lot is experiencing. :)

9:37 AM  

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