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Sunday, October 15

The Trinity

Is there a more perfect combination?
Balsamic vinegar, roasemary, and garlic. I can't think of three things that compliment eachother better.

Now and then when I am short on ingredients I'll throw this together, because thankfully, my mom has a massive rosemary plant that has taken over the better part of her herb garden. She is always more than willing to part with some, and always gives me more than I asked for.... for instance this bit here:

I asked for a couple of sprigs, she gave me what appears to be an entire plant. Not that I'm complaining!

We managed to find a bottle of table wine even cheaper than our regular cheap wine.. and I wasted no time making use of it...we have no shame! Altho.. I agree with Dave that this one wasn't near as tastey as our regular table wine... this one had aromas reminscent of.... rubbing alcohol. Hrrmmmm.

We didnt have an red bell peppers, so I used orange this time... I definitely think red tastes better... We also didnt have this with salad.. instead using some more of the masses of pasta supplied by mom. Thats the thing I really like about this recipe, its so versatile and so easy, and always makes for good leftovers.


Blogger wheresmymind said...

Great presentation!! That rosemary looks TOO fresh

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Ros said...

Pretty much every time I read your site I see something I want to try. I love balsamic!

10:49 AM  

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