A Brit, a Yank and a Kitchen

Sunday, September 10

The Perfect Breakfast

Funny story.

It is important that you first read this post over at C For Cooking, and my comment.

I never did end up mentioning this post to Dave..... and this morning, he decided to make me breakfast in bed. I woke up to him hovering over me with a plate of scrambled eggs on toast, which looked suspsiciously similar to the ones Jeff posted. Due to my phobia of eating things in bed (crumbs!!!) I ended up taking it out to the dining room, and what did I spy on the stove??

A saucepan! Crazy Brits and their saucepan scrambled eggs!! Experiment accomplished!


Blogger wheresmymind said...

Now that is super damn funny!

10:36 PM  
Blogger doodles said...

and you are one lucky lady.......yeah Dave!

9:26 AM  
Anonymous greg gibson said...

Aww... How sweet... Breakfast in bed... But I know you deserve it! Hope you enjoyed. ;)

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Ros said...

Of course we use a saucepan!

What the hell is a skillet anway?


10:27 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Saucepan all the way baby!

Check out the superfast wisking skills too. LOL ;)

1:50 PM  

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