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Wednesday, August 9

Lobster Party

Ah yes, nothing beats eating my favorite crustacean, right beside the ocean, lobster juice dripping down my arms..... mmmmm!!
more scenery
Every year a friend of ours throws a party on the beach and orders masses of fresh whole steamed lobster delivered to the suite (complete with beach deck) that he rents. I try to make it a point to make it, obviously.

inside lobsterThis years batch was especially nice, shells so soft they were easily broken by hand. I love eating lobster this way, because its completely uninhibited, doesnt matter if you make a complete mess, youre on the beach... doesnt matter if you get any on you.. you can just jump in the ocean and rinse off (and believe me, we did!)

I brought my poke along as to not arrive empty handed, altho Dave ate most of it (I'm telling you, this stuff is like crack to him)... everyone did get to try it and it seemed to have been a hit! =)

pine colada beer cooler
Of course we also had some pina colada's, and Dave proceeded to use his as a cooler for his beer! ;-) It WAS hot out there!

I managed to con the party host into giving me the contact info of the people he acquires these lobsters from... I see many a messy lobster night in mine and Dave's not so distant future! ;-)


Blogger wheresmymind said...

Lobster partay and you didn't invite me!! *pout* hehe

10:42 AM  
Blogger doodles said...

nothing better - nothing I say. Well wait were they Maine Lobster or Florida. Cause I am partial to Maine crustaceans. Looks like a ton a fun Lea!!!

5:55 PM  
Blogger Lea said...

They were maine lobsters =)

8:31 AM  

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