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Thursday, October 26

Bangers & Mash... and Greg

Not long ago we had Greg over for dinner in exchange for some manual labor (aka moving a 600+lb pool table), and we had one of our faves, bangers & mash. We are so fortunate to have a meat market in town that actually sells some pretty authentic bangers... of all things.

The highlight of the evening though wasnt the bangers.. or the mash... but Greg deciding he would try a whole dried habanero. I wish I had taken pictures... but I think I was lost in the hilarity of the moment.

We were simply showing off our massive stash of habs.... frozen, pureed, in salsa, dried... when he says "Lemme try one of those dry ones".. and proceeds to pop the entire thing in his mouth. "MMmm... this isnt so bad..." he said as he crunched away, oblivious to the horror that was soon to come. "Hmmm... man that thing has a little bit of a kick in the end...."..... "I think I could use some water...." I handed him a glass watching as a strange habanero hue started taking over his I offered some milk... which he quickly chugged. It wasnt long before his face had inherited the color that his eyes had taken on... and tears were streaming down his face.

I am not really sure if he fully recovered before leaving.. or if he could taste the bangers & mash... in the end he professed, "Yea... I think thats one of the dumbest things I've ever done..."

On a side note.... I never could figure out why they found my serving of bangers so funny.....


Blogger Marina said...

lol wow what a great mental pic of Greg doing something as stupid as that!

and hmm... yeah... can't *imagine* why they'd find your plating amusing... ;)

12:40 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

My co-worker did a similar thing with wasabi...insisted it's not that hot and then ate a big spoonful. Not smart.
Is it just me, but that first plate of bangers looks like it's giving the finger? Ok, just me.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous greg gibson said...

lol... Yeah, having won many a bar bet by downing spoon fulls of hot sauces such as those offered by Tijuana Flats, those ranking 1.5 million on the scoble scale... I figured this couldn't be that bad...

Woo... I WAS WRONG!!! It started out not so bad, but after about 30 seconds.. I was on flippin fire!! i could not drink enough water or milk... Yeah, lesson learned!!

I did taste the food, however I think I was blind for quite a while.. The blood rush about popped my eyeballs out of socket!

And yes.. We chuckled at the configuration of the bangers.. Funny, brings new meaning to _bangers_ and mash... ;)

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Yeah, it was a pretty funny sight to see. I did something very similar several years ago and learnt my lesson then. Not sure exactly where on the scoville scale these peppers rank but they were/are damn hot!

You'd think eating salsa from the same batch that makes your 'nose bleed' would be a good indication of just hot they are, eh Greg?

8:09 PM  
Blogger wheresmymind said...

Nothing like some naughty Lea Food Porn to start off the weekend ;)

9:36 AM  
Anonymous greg gibson said...

Yeah, I should have known better, based on the Angry Nosebleed Sauce..

btw, here's the sauce I ate by the spoon.. If this stuff is close to 1 million scovilles, then that hab was 2 million easy!

10:56 PM  
Anonymous greg gibson said...

DOH!!! Forgot the link!!

11:00 PM  

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